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Electronics Industry News: September

Electronics Industry News: September

As a leader in electronic component distribution, Aegis Components knows the importance of market awareness and staying up to date on the latest events and news in the electronics industry.  Please enjoy our compilation of electronics industry news for the month of September!

Intel & AMD have been approved to continue supplying certain products to Huawei.

Despite a resurgence in global Covid-19 cases, U.S. manufacturing activity continued to expand in July to its highest level in nearly 18 months.  According to the Institute for Supply Management’s national factory index, activity increased to a reading of 54.2 in the last month from 52.6 in June, marking two consecutive months of growth.

AMD & Intel have confirmed receiving licenses to continue supplying certain products to Huawei.  While this is great news for their PC division, their largest division by revenue, telecommunications, is still gasping for air.

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New legislation in Germany aims to make them the first country to permit fully autonomous driving.

In a meeting with the heads of Daimler, BMW, and Volkswagen Group, Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed that “Germany must take the leading role in autonomous driving”.  An objective was set in this meeting for the digitization of transportation in Germany by 2022.

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ROHM Semiconductor Europe appoints new managing director

Wolfram Harnack has been appointed as the new Managing Director of ROHM Semiconductor Europe GmbH.  Harnack left Mitsubishi to rejoin Rohm, and stated that together with Toshimitsu Suzuki, his mission is to further accelerate our growth in the Automotive & Industrial segment, particularly in the Power and Analog domain, which is the company focus.


STMicro releases the world’s first solution to integrate Si driver and GaN power transistors in one package

ST Micro has unveiled MasterGaN, the world-first platform embedding a half-bridge driver based on silicon technology along with a pair of gallium-nitride (GaN) transistors.  This combination will accelerate the creation of next-gen charging, enabling chargers and adapters 80% smaller and 70% lighter to charge 3 times faster compared to ordinary silicon-based solutions.


Toshiba plans to exit LSI chip business

Toshiba recently stated that due to long-term losses in the LSI chip business, they will be abort from that portion of their business, as the Japanese conglomerate aims to boost the group’s profit margins.  Their LSI chip business includes image recognition processors supplied to Toyota Motor Corp, although Toshiba stated that they will continue sales and support operations for its existing customers.


U.S. Department of Commerce imposes export restrictions on SMIC

The U.S. Department of Commerce has placed new export restrictions on China’s largest semiconductor foundry company, citing the “unacceptable risk” that equipment sold to the country’s Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC) could be used for military purposes.  These US sanctions present a significant threat to China’s domestic semiconductor industry as well as the global electronics industry as a whole.  This is because many companies that sell to SMIC are being forced to cut off their whale of a customer, leaving SMIC uncapable of manufacturing on a large enough scale to support its customers, such as Huawei.  SMIC’s Shanghai shares fell over 6%, while its Hong Kong shares are down over 5%.


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