Shortage Sourcing

Shortage Sourcing

Shortage Sourcing by Our Strategic Sourcing Team

Our highly trained strategic sourcing team intimately knows the challenges of the electronic component market.  Through our network of vetted suppliers, dynamic processes, and industry-leading counterfeit avoidance protocols, our team has consistently supported our clients through turbulent times in the supply chain.

  • Multichannel sourcing: franchised, direct, and open-market
  • Decades of combined sourcing experience in turbulent markets
  • Benefit from our highly nurtured relationships with leading suppliers around the globe.
  • Highly refined approved vendor list and consistent supplier audits.

Sourcing electronic components in a shortage environment has been a cornerstone of our business.  Our shortage sourcing capabilities have allowed us to rival many larger distributors while maintaining the flexibility and service of a small company.  We value relationships and will always do right by our customers. Partner with Aegis and let us help sustain your supply chain even in the most challenging times.

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