Skilled and Flexible Solutions for Any Market Condition

Recent years have highlighted the importance of dependable supply chain partners.  Aegis Components brings you the market insight, industry relationships, and depth of experience needed to respond with agility to unstable marketplace conditions and your evolving supply needs.  We offer full-service procurement support and flexible supply chain solutions.  From shortage sourcing to cost-saving opportunities to exclusive market insights, we are well-positioned to support your supply chain.

Skilled and Flexible Solutions for Any Market Condition
Our Sourcing Solutions

Our Sourcing Solutions

Aegis Components offers high-quality procurement solutions. We leverage our extensive product and supply chain knowledge to deliver faster time to market for our customers. Our non-traditional sourcing methods and wide range of supply chain solutions allow us to tailor our services to meet the specific needs of our global customers

Our Services

We offer a number of solutions to help ensure our component customers get the best experience when sourcing their products from Aegis Components and can overcome any supply chain issues in their market BEFORE they hit the scene.

Quality Assurance

Shortage Sourcing

Product Life Cycle Management

Inventory Management

Purchasing Support


Surplus Inventory

Innovative and Dependable Solutions

At Aegis Components, we understand your needs and the complexities that arise within the supply chain.  Our team is committed to bridging supply gaps, ensuring timely delivery of critical components, and optimizing your supply chain to reduce costs and improve efficiency. With our extensive network of suppliers and our expertise in sourcing, logistics, and inventory management, we can help you navigate the competitive market and accelerate your time to market.

Innovative and Dependable Solutions
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