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Aegis Components, Inc. Services
Aegis offers full-service procurement support and flexible supply chain solutions.  Component sourcing, procurement and delivery now happens faster than ever before. Be confident in our solutions built on proven technology, business processes and supported by a dedicated team to meet your specific needs.

Aegis provides high-quality procurement solutions, combined with extensive product and supply chain knowledge—all of which translate into faster time to market. From non-traditional sourcing to our spectrum of supply-chain solutions—Aegis can tailor these services to meet our customers’ exact needs around the globe.

Our Solutions

Our services are positioned to provide support to our valued clients in the pursuit of their core business initiatives. With this goal in mind, we have developed a customer service support platform to meet the challenges of today’s competitive global marketplace.

Procurement Services

Save Time and Money

Nowadays all eyes are on purchasing departments to deliver on-time and on-budget. Our non-traditional sourcing methods enable us to find the parts you need and procure them for a price that won’t break your budget. It’s time to look outside the box and standard pricing. It’s time to look at Aegis.

  • Blanket Purchase Agreements – Scheduled Shipments
  • Long-term Supplier Agreements
  • BOM Support
  • Non-traditional sourcing
  • Alternative / cross evaluation
  • Cost Savings

Product Life Cycle Management

Hundreds of thousands of components turn end-of-life every year and it becomes extremely difficult to plan production when you’re being hit head-on with unexpected life cycle changes. Here is how Aegis can assist you in navigating today’s ever-changing component industry.

  • Providing PCN’s for your parts when they become available
  • Support LTB purchases for components nearing EOL status
  • Stock mgmt of LTB items
  • Reduce customer inventory costs

Obsolescence Support

It can be a daunting task to fill an order when you require items that are out of production and nowhere to be found. Many times performance pressures push buyers to questionable sources or make for ill-advised substitution. We offer

  • large network of approved open-market contacts
  • alternative/cross evaluation
  • access to world-wide inventory
  • strict quality control

Shortage and Allocation

Many different factors affect market supply and demand of electronic components. Aegis is an experienced partner that will help you navigate the electronic component market and make smart purchasing decisions.

  • Vast database of approved vendors
  • Relationships with trusted suppliers all around the world
  • Vendor Audits to never compromise on quality
  • Experienced consultants ready to support your sourcing demands

We value relationships and will always do right by our customers. Partner with Aegis and let us help sustain your operation even in the most challenging times.

Inventory Management

From stock level maintenance and forecasting to shipping and warehousing, the time and money inventory management costs you can be significant. Flexible VMI, EOL, and LTB inventory management support can boost your operational efficiency, and keep you focused on your core business.

Purchasing Support

There are only so many hours in the day and when production demands exhaust your in-house purchasing capabilities you can rely on a dedicated Aegis Representative. You can benefit from Aegis’ procurement experts, global reach, market knowledge and list of reliable supply partners.

Surplus Inventory

The longer parts sit in inventory the greater the potential for loss as parts go obsolete and lose resale value. Aegis excess inventory services can recover asset value by turning your surplus into a revenue stream. Free up warehouse space and move your assets and resources as needed for more business flexibility.

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