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Welcome to Aegis Components, West Palm Beach Headquarters for Electronic Parts and Components

Welcome to Aegis Components, West Palm Beach Headquarters for Electronic Parts and Components

An electronic component purchaser’s resource for the most relevant electronics industry news, analysis, and forecasts.

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We are an international electronic component distributor headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL.  As a distributor of electronic components, we understand the importance of market awareness, which is the principal intention for the Aegis Components Blog.  Our blog is intended to make industry news, analysis, and forecasts easily accessible to individuals in the electronics industry, particularly purchasers of electronic and electrical components.  We intend to provide only the most relevant and vital articles, to provide the greatest value to purchasers of electronic components.

Our articles have been created through the compiled input of our seasoned staff and provides decades of industry knowledge.  Aegis Components is family owned and operated, and we have been aggressively committed to quality assurance, integrity, and service. Sourcing and delivering quality electronic components has become increasingly challenging for many purchasing teams. Extended lead times, allocation, obsolescence, and counterfeit electronic components are costing your business time, money, and reputation. The content within this blog will help you make strategic and well-informed purchasing decisions, and we invite you to capitalize on the information we provide.


Who are we?

Aegis Components Inc. is a family-owned business that specializes in the global distribution of electronic and electrical components and modules.  All of our associates share the same beliefs and values – honesty, integrity and the desire to help our customers succeed.  Our combination of modern technology and policies and procedures rivals that of many large distributors, while maintaining the personalized and flexible service of a small company.  Because of our dynamic structure we are able to streamline our procurement efforts and purchase inventory virtually instantaneously.

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